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Have you ever wondered about God? Do you really even believe in God, or is God just a hope, like some fairy tale we have created in our minds to ease the thought of Death? This world is bombarded with people who simply tell you to accept God and Jesus, and if you do, your life will be perfect and you will go to Heaven, but from where did these people receive authority? Many who speak about God, Jesus, and Salvation, may or may not know as much as they think they do, and if they are ignoring elements of the Law that are of grave consequence, elements that could determine your ultimate state of existence; what then? What if, at the moment of truth, when you are facing Death, you find out that you are not really even sure that you believe in God, much less have faith? I have been there, I have faced Death, and it was at that moment, I found out I did not have faith when I thought I did, I was not really even sure I truly believed in God, unfortunately, I realized this after I had willfully  stranded myself over 200 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean, completely helpless; I then prayed for belief and mercy to a God I desperately hoped was real. Good and Evil is the true account of the quest for a miracle, the quest for an arm, from God, and the discovery that, you can not know God until you know yourself.

The struggle we face in life begins with ourselves.

At some point in your journey here, you are going to pass away from this world, and it is when that time comes, you are going to need to have true faith, and if you do not even have belief, how can you have faith? I urge you to take the time to examine "Good and Evil". Many have spoken about Faith; I have walked the walk from time to time and lived to tell the tale. If there was ever a time for you to get to know God, now is the time, and if YOU refuse to listen to anyone but yourself and your desires, who can save you? Your existence on Earth is but a flash in time, but your existence in Heaven or Hell is eternal. If you have ever wanted a rational explanation for this World, here it is.

There is No substitute for experience

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